December 14th, 1993 - Still Alive (Age 20)

Basic InformationEdit

Brandon Alexander Vivian was born December 14th, 1993 in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. He was the first born of Steven Louis Vivian and Tina Louise Mattson, and was baptized August, 1994 in Melvindale, Michigan, USA at St. Mary Magdalen Church. He currently lives in Flat Rock, Michigan.

His LifeEdit

In 2004 (age 11), he placed second in the Michigan State Spelling Bee.

Marriages and ChildrenEdit

He has not married yet.

Family TreeEdit


Father: Steven Louis Vivian

Mother: Tina Louise Mattson


Little Brother: Remington Ryan Vivian

Little Brother: William Henry Vivian


None, yet.


None, yet.

External LinksEdit

None, yet.

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