c. 1613 - November 3rd, 1662 (Age 52)

He may have used the last name "Vyvyan"

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Basic InformationEdit

Richard Vivian was born circa 1613 in Cornwall, England. He was the first born child of Sir Francis Vivian and Loveday Connock. He died on November 3rd, 1662.

His LifeEdit

February 12th, 1645 (Age 32): Became a baronet.
January 3rd, 1644 (Age 31): Became the master of the mint at Exeter.
March 1st, 1635 (Age 22): Knighted

Marriages and ChildrenEdit

He married Loveday Connock on September 24th, 1636 at Exeter, in England. There were 7 children from this marriage.

Family TreeEdit


Father: Sir Francis Vivian (c.1613-1665)

Mother: Loveday Connock (???-c.1664)


Brother: Robert Vivian (???- 1633)

Brother: Haniball Vivian (???- ???)

Brother: Michael Vivian (???- [1676]])

Younger Brother: Francis Vivian (c.1614- ???)

Younger Sister: Mary Vivian (c.1623-1662)

Younger Sister: Loveday Vivian (1623-1670)

Younger Sister: Elizabeth Vivian (c.1643-???)


Loveday Connock Length: (1636-???)



External LinksEdit

Profile at Genealogy Links [1]

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